Spring Break

This spring break I went and hung out with friends and rode my moped around. My moped wasn’t working most of the break so it was in the garage getting worked on mostly. What I want to do this summer is go swimming and ride dirt bikes and go up the lake and go fishing a lot. Every year I go to Oakaboji for the walleye opener (fishing tournament) on the first weekend of May. We take my grandpas boat onto big spirit and we fish from 5 am till past noon. We never catch anything worth weighing in to the tournament. Although one year my dad caught a big small mouth bass and was in 1st for the longest time but right at the end someone came in and my dad got second. Last year my grandpa caught a 23 inch walleye. This year I’m hoping to be able to go up to the lake more than last year. Me and my cousins go jet skiing and tubing a lot on my uncles boat. But now that I have a moped I hope to be able to go out more and have more fun and ride around town. Can’t wait for summer.


So far I have finished 4 blogs so far. I have 1 blog that is about school that I wrote for Mrs. Black when her husband was in the hospital for so long. The other 3 were for a blog challenge that we had to look up things to write about and 1 other about my family member that passed away. I didn’t receive any comments on my post that I made. I probably didn’t get any comments because of how sloppy I made the posts. My favorite post I made was  ¨The World of Nature¨. I don´t know what blog themes are so maybe. I don’t know how to use widgets so sure I think there is enough. I have a couple overseas students I think. I do not use that much.

The World of Nature

This post is about the world that’s not made by man. The animals of this world are dieing more and more everyday on the verge of extinction. Like the lion and the elephants in Africa. They are very very close to dieing out. These people are called poachers and they kill these animals for their resources like the tusks of the elephant. The elephant has a valuable resources called ivory that is very high valued very high. Ivory is mostly used in art which is why these poachers kill and kill these elephants so much. Help save these animals.

We have got huge mountains and oceans every where. Anywhere you go there are hills, rivers, lakes, and water just everywhere. Even though we are running out of these special resources it doesn’t mean its to late to save these things and help the world out in this situation.

We need this water to grow food and to just plain survive because we can’t live without water for more than 2 days. If we run out of these things we wont live more than just at most a week. We most likly won’t run out of these things but we can at least attempt to help by reserving this stuff that we need in order to survive. Just like in California we will be restrained to water constrictions and won’t even be able to take a shower every night.

We use fossils for our gas that we use in our gas. We are almost out of fossils so if we go to electric cars its will save the fossils. Which means there could be an additional way of  trading. We can use the fossils and trade for things that we want or need. It will open a all new stock market that everyone can profit from.elephantsriver

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a deadly disease that is most common in women above 40. It can happen to men but it is very rare to happen to men. This disease infects the cells of the breast. It is treatable by a medical professional and by using chemo. It does need a medical diagnosis. It looks like a lump on the breast so when you see this symptom see a doctor as soon as possible! Ways to treat it it chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Test lab imaging often required to be diagnosed with this type of cancer. Breast cancer is very common and can happen to anyone so don’t think that you are safe from it. This can cause weight loss and discomfort. It is rates by stages of this cancer the higher it goes the worse it is. Breast cancer goes by double negative, and triple negative. If you get this diseces hope you the best!



Someone that has passed blog.

I’m going to be writing about someone in my family that has passed. The person that I am going to be talking about is my great grandma Rose or what I what we knew her as was GG. My great grandma has live all over the country. She has been down to the Caribbean Sea on a cruise. She went swimming in the Caribbean Sea and she found all of these sea shells that she gave to me and my other cousin on our 10th birthday along with 100 dollars. She went through the great depression when she was younger, so she knows what it is like to have nothing. My grandma passed on Christmas Eve 2012, so that was the worst Christmas I’ve ever had. She did a lot of things during her life. She has been to lots of different country’s like Mexico and Canada. She has been to pretty much every state in the united states.Royal-Caribbean-Cruise-Ship